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Sunday, June 18, 2006

250 white futons in a warehouse

I'm not a connoiseur of Japanese pornography. In fact, I don't even snack. Nonetheless, the impression has, at some point, passed to me that the land of the rising sun is also the land of way-out-there niche kink.

Enter this report sent to me by a friend who shall remain nameless. [NOT work-safe, and not for the easily offended.]

As the 'journalist' on that site says: "...now I’ve Officially Seen Everything."

Exposure to a phenomenon such as this can lead the reasonable man to ask only one question: Where in Tokyo did they find a room that big that wasn't a sumo ring?

(And, in the picture above, don't you just love the shoes? In the context of what all those women are about to do, the culturally uniform compulsiveness with which they have ordered their shoes is, ironically, just heart-wrenchingly humanizing.)


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