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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rejecting Miss Daisy

Overheard, tonight, at PostcardsFromHome HQ, upon receipt of the news that Anna Nicole Smith is pregnant:

Flame-Haired Angel: Oh my god! Who would fuck that?

White Boy: [instantly, inexplicably, silently fascinated with a toothbrush]

FHA: You wouldn't fuck her, would you?

White Boy: Um, she's not really my type, but what are my options?

FHA: None.

White Boy: Uh, either Anna Nicole Smith or no sex at all?

FHA: Yeah. Would you?

White Boy: Honey, in your years on planet earth, what have you learned about men?

FHA: Okay, what if your alternative was Daisy the Cow?

White Boy: It's either her or opt out of my species? Um...


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