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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Flame-Haired Angel and I almost always dodge questions about whether or not we're planning on having children. Of course it's not anyone's business, and of course friends and family are curious, and of course parents of young children are soooo anxious to either (a) share their joy with you, or (b) tell you how incomplete your life is if you don't make the decision they have.

Maybe we will, maybe we won't. We love kids. We also love our life the way it is. So, jury's out, but both of us swing with mood and hormones.

Today, for whatever whatever reason, I've been feeling clucky. When Flame-Haired Angel and I went out for a walk, it seemed that, for once, I was noticing the cute little kids dressed for summer more than I was noticing the lithe Parisian hotties in slinky sundresses.

So, it's only fitting that in my web travels, this afternoon, I would come upon this site.

A little freaky, but a lot awwww-inspiring.

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