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Monday, June 12, 2006

Valencia rocking the kid

I'm sitting in a hotel in Valencia, Spain, that was purpose-built for the influx of tourists anticipated for the upcoming America's Cup. Sitting here in my room, up late, I just caught my head bobbing to Stevie Wonder's lamest hit ever (Part-time Lover) after an overly enthusiastic Spanish DJ segued into it. Man, those guys talk fast.

I've spent the whole evening in my room on my laptop, so no tapas bars for me. Fortunately, I had the freshly translated room service -- ahem, I mean "in-room dining" -- menu at my disposal, from which I ordered the succulent (...wait for it...)

"Sirloin of Kid Attacked with Tender Garlics".

Ahhh, as though I were back in China.

Except for Stevie Wonder.


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