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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fox "News" blatantly changes scandal facts to mislead viewers

Last week, a scandal exploded in the face of US Replublicans when one of their Congressmen, Mark Foley (R-FL), was exposed as having sexually pursued a number of underage male congressional pages (ie, high-school-aged interns in congress). The e-mails and instant messages he sent them were so damning that he resigned immediately when they were revealed by a news organization.

The scandal continued when it was further revealed that the Republican congressional leadership had known about Foley's "problem" for a long time and had done nothing about it. The Republican speaker of the House is now fighting to save his job. This from the "anti-gay Christian family values" party.

All this comes just weeks before the entire House of Representatives is up for re-election. One Republican disgraced for pursuing underage boys is a problem, but an entire leadership morality scandal in the runup to an election is a huge problem.

So, Fox news, always willing to lend a hand to Republicans in need, simply changed the story. No "shades of meaning" stuff, here. Fox's reporting simply labeled the disgraced Republican Foley as a Democrat. Not just on one broadcast, but several times.

Then, figuring they could help a little more, Fox later attributed the entire leadership scandal to the Democrats.

Anyone remember the tactics of the news organization in Orwell's 1984?

Trying to see some humor in the whole thing, a couple of Boing Boing readers figured they'd save the Fox graphics department a little time, and they donated the following:


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