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Monday, October 02, 2006

Newsweek's cover, last week, in different regions of the world

This is old news, now, having been all over the net last week. Still worth posting, though:

If you have a reaction to this -- especially an explanation for why it should be so -- I'd appreciate hearing about it, either in comments or by e-mail.

Hat tip to Shannon.

Original source is here: ThinkProgress.org

Comments on "Newsweek's cover, last week, in different regions of the world"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:28 AM) : 

This is appalling. For Newsweek to censor their covers to protect people from the truth is another example of "1984" manifesting itself in the pixels of the print establishment. Who are these editorial elite SOBs to decide that Europe, Asia and Latin America are mentally and emotionally unequipped to handle the life of Annie Leibovitz in pictures. These countries need to see the truth about Annie...and they need to see it now! Thank goodness that the citizens of the U.S. were deemed worthy of digesting the controversial life of this famed photographer.


Blogger la_pistola said ... (12:57 PM) : 

Is anyone really surprised by this? Americans don't want to hear about the war. Remember the flag-draped coffins "scandal"? Unlike Viet Nam, where we were regailed with horrific photos of dead and injured soldiers every night (and at the dinner hour, no less), the lock-down on actually documenting and reporting on this war continues to be in full affect. I don't claim to know Newsweek's motivation, but I'm sure the "kill the messenger" tack the Bush Administration has taken factored in. Newsweek doesn't want to lose what little access it has, or it's close-to-the-front seat in the pressroom. This I do know, Newsweek clearly thinks they'll lose less face putting Annie on the cover than having people find out what they DIDN'T put on the cover. So I think this ultimately says a lot about Newsweek's U.S. audience, as well. It's the same as the U.S. network news versus the BBC or even Keith Olbermann.


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