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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Military lawyers are pinko commies who are soft on terrorists

My moral outrage over the United States government's shameful attempts to legitimize torture only serves to help the Bush administration. Politically, it is to W's advantage that I focus my attention on the "war on terror", on which he's popular, and not on the war in Iraq, on which he's not. It's brilliant. I disagree with the war in Iraq, but I'm really pissed off by the thing he'd rather people were talking about. So, of course, because I'm pissed off, I can't help talking about it.

Nevertheless, it is the thing that moves me from opinion to outrage. What kind of country are we that seeks to legitimize torture?

The analysis in the article below is striking: Why do military lawyers, of all people, want the President to shut up about torture and back down? The answer offers a ray of hope, even if the political process does not.

The article: "Cooler Heads", from Slate.

The illustration above is a totally irrelevant picture of hottie Catherine Bell, just because the article linked above is about military lawyers, and Bell just happened to play a military lawyer on the TV show, JAG. Hey, when you're wife's away and the country you always thought was a bastion of freedom tries to legislate torture, you gotta turn to some kind of solace.


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