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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Women can read you like a book, Witnessing Christyranny, and the return of Flame

From The Economist, an article on how women can just tell, by looking at a guy, whether or not he likes kids. This, somehow, both makes complete sense and is, at the very same time, a little creepy.

Then, there's the unqualifiedly creepy rise of "dominion theology" Christians.

When I read things like the latter article, I get more than a little heartsick. If these folks love America so much, what is the part of the Founders' intent they don't get?

I suppose many of them would simply wipe that line of reasoning off the table by saying that they love America, but they love Jesus more.

At which point I would be drowned out as I asked if this was the same Jesus who hated centralized power and preached freedom from tyranny.

Then there's the picture of my Flame-Haired Angel, which is here mostly just because, after reading that article on rabidly political Christians, I feel like turning in the one direction that never fails to inspire my joy. That, and she comes home tomorrow, after we've been apart for three weeks. So, uh, I might not be posting anything tomorrow night. Ayuh.

Flame on!


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