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Thursday, May 11, 2006

2BR, 1 bath, with nice view and old codger

Tonight, my native Parisian neighbor came by to explain what it all means that our apartments are being sold off, one by one, by the company that owns the building.

Nerdliciously, I found the details fascinating, but that could be because he's an ex-engineer consultant, so we like totally speak the same language. Except he does it in French, mostly.

One titbit stood out. If you're renting an apartment, and you're over 70, French law protects you from pretty much every eventuality should the apartment be sold. You won't get kicked out, your rent won't go up, and the new owner has to maintain the apartment in the condition in which they bought it.

Implication: apartments that have geriatric tennants go at a steep discount.

Other implication: geriatric renters don't end up on the streets.

There's a whole lot about French politics that sucks ass, but protecting octogenarians from real estate speculators seems a groovy government mission to me.

Oh, and HOLY CRAP is our apartment selling for a fortune! If I'd known it was worth this much I might not have peed on the parquet floor so often. I mean, it's more convenient than walking down the hall to the john, but I might've had a little more respect.


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