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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gay Commie Terrorist-sympathizer Says "Get out of Iraq"

Did you hear the one about the unpatriotic Gay Commie 3-star General who was a terrorist sympathizer?

During “the war on terror” the right wing has been free to do almost whatever it wants without much political push-back. And when I say “whatever it wants”, I mean to say wage pre-emptive war, torture people, suspend Americans’ freedoms, violate the Constitution, and so on. It’s a long list.

They have had the political equivalent of a kryptonite-proof shield to protect them from criticism. Like all great deflectors, it is simple and sturdy: call any critic soft on terror, an appeaser, unpatriotic, unsupportive of our troops. This is a short trip, perhaps, for folks who undermine the patriotism of decorated war heroes – Ed Murtha, John Kerry, Max Cleland, even John McCain – but even as a cheap defense, it's been an effective one.

So, let’s all step back and have a look at the latest critic of the United States’ Iraq policy. Not only is he saying that we shouldn’t have gone in, he’s saying we shouldn’t stay. That, in fact, we should leave. Now.

Even John Kerry believes that now we’re there, we need to stay the course. So, you’d have to be pretty far left to oppose the Bush Administration more extremely than Kerry, eh? You’d have to be pretty unsupportive of our troops. You’d have to be an appeaser. A cut-and-run coward.

Meet Lieutenant General – that’s three stars – William G Odom (Ret).

One of them Generals who’s been out to get Rumsfeld? Actually, no.

Odom was head of the National Security Agency under notorious liberal President Ronald Reagan.

(Then again, Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court, too. So, clearly, he couldn’t be trusted with HR decisions.)

Odom makes his punchline clear in the very title of his piece recently published in the journal Foreign Policy: “Cut and Run? You Bet.

But his policy conclusion is much less interesting than his argument for it. It’s more than well worth reading.

So, when a Reagan-appointed 3-star General who knows more about national security than the rest of us ever will says we should get out of Iraq, and that we're fighting the war on terror in a counter-productive way, what should be our reaction?

I say we dig up something that proves he's pro-choice and anti-Jesus.


(Just as a geeky aside, could his prose style be any more no-bullshit military? Talk about cutting through the crap!)


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