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Monday, October 27, 2008

Both my countries like spying on their own citizens

Looks like Oz just got a little happy about government snooping, too!

All Australians' internet traffic to be monitored by the government.


Comments on "Both my countries like spying on their own citizens"


Blogger scootergrrl said ... (1:29 AM) : 

Oh geez... don't tell me we're becoming a 'stan' too >8(

Stuck in Zhongguostan and now looks like there's no escape to civilisation when I eventually go home. Ozzistan would suck. Not quite as nasty as Zhongguostan but nasty enough.

shhhmmrmrmrmrr... bloody stans.


Blogger scootergrrl said ... (1:46 AM) : 

Looks like there is some hope *fingers crossed*


More from Electronic Frontiers Australia here:


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