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Monday, March 20, 2006

humanimages redux

Before my previous post, it had been a long while since my last blog-fession. The reason was I took my own advice; I put my shoulder to something I cared about but had been avoiding. And I decided not to put any time into this venue of incessant barking until I was happy with the completed job. That’s taken a few weeks.

I launched my own website, humanimages.com, back in 2003 as a place to show off my photography. I was pretty darn proud of it for a few months. Slowly, however, I began to notice that my enthusiasm had been greater than my Photoshop skills. The images just didn’t look very good. My cringing began to outstrip my pride, and I’ve hesitated to send people to the site for a couple of years.

Photography has always been a passion, not just a pastime, for me. I haven’t done much image-making in the last couple of years, but that’s just a temporary hibernation of the muse. There will be a creative spring. I think it may have even started.

But even if it hasn’t, there’s really been no excuse for me to let work that doesn’t meet my standard sit out there implicitly suggesting it’s the best I can do. How can I claim to be passionate about this and let work I’m not proud of be my calling card? If prints I didn’t like were hanging on a swanky gallery wall, I’d damn well replace them. But I had let the website just continue to stink.


So, I’ve spent big parts of the last three weeks tweaking the crap out of humanimages. The site itself is still basic – I don’t aspire to be a web designer – but the images are a whole lot closer to how I always wanted them to be seen. I even added three ‘new’ images for good measure.

Now, when I do begin making images, again, I’ll have a place to put them that I’m not embarrassed by.

Drop in. www.humanimages.com

If you just want to zoom straight to the new images, you’ll find them here, here, and here.


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