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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Logic and Cartoons

This is perhaps the best take I've read on the Mohammed cartoon furor:

I don't get the logic. If bombing embassies is the proper Muslim response, then what's wrong with a cartoon that shows Mohammed wearing a turban-bomb? Either the bomb is good, in which case the only offense was printing a picture of Mohammed, something done by non-Muslims quite frequently. Or the bomb is bad, and the embassy-burning folks are violating the spirit of Mohammed in their very act of defending the Him. If the bomb is sometimes good and sometimes bad, then who is to say that the turban-bomb isn't waiting for one of the good times?

These Muslims are almost as silly as the middle-Americans who wanted to ban flag burning in order to demand respect for the freedoms symbolized by the flag.

Ah, yes, you report that freedom of expression should be used responsibly. Meaning it should be used to say things that are convenient to the people with power, broadly defined.

From a letter written by Alexander Boldizar to Harper's Weekly Review.


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