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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back in the saddle?

Folks who know me more than a little will occasionally ask how the photography's going. For a too long, the answer has been "It isn't." The muse took flight somewhere between Shanghai and Paris, and I haven't really shot a serious frame since the move. The last image I made that went on my (woefully neglected) website was this one:

It's almost three years old. So, it was a gentle milestone when I broke out the serious gear this weekend.

It was little different from getting back on a familiar horse, with all the nervousness and unexercised muscles and instincts, and the joy of working hard at something that matters for no other reason than it does, right there in my heart. It'll be a while before it's clear whether the images I shot were worth a damn. But it almost doesn't matter. The doing is the thing.

As a geeky photography aside: I shot a mix of digital and medium-format film. Like everyone else, I love the immediate feedback of digital, but I have to say that there is still magic in the little unknown that is the moment right after tripping a film camera's shutter. "I wonder what just happened? I wonder what I made!"


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