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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Me, God, George and Barcelona

I, like George W Bush (note the comma), believe that God is communicating with me directly, sending me specific signs about his intent for my life.

How else to interpret this week, when I was hellabusy with work in Barthelona, and therefore completely unable to blog, and when -- you think coincidentally? -- both the "Cheney's Got A Gun" and "Abu Graib The Sequel" stories broke.

God is clearly telling me He intends for me to live a long, healthy life, and that I shouldn't get over exercised by the butt-headed stupidity and/or evil in the world. He might as well shout from the heavens, booming in James Earl Jones fashion "Write about puppies! Or butterflies! Or something majesterial in my evolved creation! But I'm gonna stay your damn hand when the stupid/evil stories break."

Barcelona good. Paella good. Cheney bad. Abu Graib bad.


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