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Saturday, November 25, 2006

An extraordinary story of two people who should never have met

...even though their parents, who shouldn't have survived, did.

Listen to the NPR story here.

Debbie Fisher wears Maya Lee's mother's tattoo

Comments on "An extraordinary story of two people who should never have met"


Blogger Jim said ... (3:21 PM) : 

I've read literally dozens of books concerning the Holocaust by now. This story , which I heard in November while driving home from work, struck me in a very poingant way. I have no tattoos, never considered getting one, and generally found most crude and ill considered. True, I don't disdain art for art's sake. But you can usually tell prison/gang work from across the room. But I digress. In light of this serious matter and having been moved by this story then and still as strongly these many weeks later, I continue to seriously consider getting an exact duplicate of the tattoo Maya Lee has on her arm. I'm not Jewish and know of no one personally related to anyone killed or a survivor, but this is important to me. There will someday be NO survivors left. Generations henceforth have the responsibility to carry forth knowledge and disseminate it widely to nurture young minds with understanding, compassion and tolerance.


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