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Sunday, November 06, 2005

A small bite of lunch

When I started this here blog, I publicly angsted about the worth of writing on subjects as mundane as my daily obsessions. Does anybody care what I had for lunch? Not likely. But, then, why would anyone give a crap about anything else I might have to say?

On that note, here's today's lunch menu. Typical it ain't. Put to task our recent visit to Valpolicella it does. Flame-Haired Angel and I had a few folks over. This is what hit the table. All the food was home made, but can you guess which of us made which bits?

* * *

Prosecco (as an aperitif)

Rosemary and Pepper Grissini

Grilled Zucchini, Eggplant and Red Capsicum with Anchovies (accompanied by Monte Faustino Pelara, 2004)

Butter and Sage Pappardelle on a bed of baby spinach (Monte Faustino Amarone Classico, 2000)

Spiced venison pies with parmesan/pepper polenta and a garnish of wilted garlic spinach (Il Bertarole Amarone, 2000)

Italian cheese plate with almonds and dried figs (Serego Alighieri "Vaio Armaron" Amarone, 1999)

Berries mascerated in balsamic vinegar, honey and pepper, under cinnamon/brandy mascarpone (Monte Faustino "Bure Alto" Passito, 2000)

Dark chocolate tart with toasted coconut crust (Serego Alighieri Recioto, 2000)

Tea and Grappa

* * *

Lunch ended at 8pm.


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Blogger Jenie said ... (6:28 AM) : 

and, holy smokes, i want to eat at your house. :)


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