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Monday, August 08, 2005

No More Monkey Trials

I've been meaning to blog me a rant on the heavy-weight throw-down between Charlie Darwin and the "Intelligent Design" encroachers. Glad I didn't. What needed to be said has been, and more articulately than I would have mustered, by Charles Krauthammer, on Time.com:

To teach faith as science is to undermine the very idea of science, which is the acquisition of new knowledge through hypothesis, experimentation and evidence. To teach it as science is to encourage the supercilious caricature of America as a nation in the thrall of religious authority. To teach it as science is to discredit the welcome recent advances in permitting the public expression of religion. Faith can and should be proclaimed from every mountaintop and city square. But it has no place in science class. To impose it on the teaching of evolution is not just to invite ridicule but to earn it.

And, proving that an articulate defense of a superior argument needn't always be enough, there's this. Really: click the link.

Of course, I'm against idolatry, an' all, but I gravitate to the depiction of His Holy Being pictured below. But only because the other rendition on the site could easily be mistaken as a divine pubic hairball.

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