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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mango and Wonder Drops

Been quiet for a few days. Sicknesses of two sorts have laid Postcards low. First was a hard-drive meltdown last Friday night, just after the Shucking Summer post. You know things are serious when your drive starts singing ka-plink ka-plink ka-plink in soprano. And, no kidding, it did just a couple of more ka-plunks, in alto, for good measure before finally wiggling its toes in the air and leaving me a note saying it'd meet me in the dumpster.

Good backups are a thing of beauty, however. And don't you know I'm just anal retentive enough to have 'em and ill-mannered enough to gloat about 'em. Fact, given zero data loss, I wasn't all that sad to see the old girl keel over. She was limping badly and scheduled for functional reassignment surgery in November, anyway. She's now propping up one end of an ailing book-case.

So, the weekend was spent buying and configuring a brand new hummin' beauty, sittin' righ cheer in a virginal white case. For a reason too dull to go into, she's called Mango.

After that, it was Flame-Haired Angel's turn to chuck a wobbly. Her soft-drive did a bit of ka-plunking of its own – fortunately not nearly so fatal – on Monday and she's only getting her pink back now. (Now, now...)

In the meantime, while I was breathing life into a Mango, Flame-Haired Angel spent some peaceful pre-flu hours joining the blogiverse. Doesn't like parties so much, that girl, but hates being left out of 'em, so a'blogging she has come. Already, I'm envious of her blog name: Drops of Wonder.

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