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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beauty can be very, very noisy.

Babies cry.  Puppies are babies.  Puppies cry.

It occurred to me the other day -- as I withstood a yowling that would qualify as acoustic torture under the Geneva convention -- that it somehow seems normal to be less tolerant of puppies whining than we are of babies crying.  We don't like it when babies cry, but we expect it. And we mostly give babies a pass.  After a few days with a puppy, however, enough is enough, right?  "When will this dog learn to shut up?"

So, we expect puppies to learn faster than babies.  We're expecting an animal with a fraction of human intelligence to learn faster than humans.  And we think we're pretty smart.

The ones learning fastest are Flame-Haired Angel and me.  A little bit of sleep lost, but so far we haven't had to call in the puppy super nanny.

We're all learning each other's rhythms and finding out what's fun and what's not.

And one of us is looking less like an under-stuffed sausage and more like a dog. But only just.

Taco at 8 weeks old and 1 week home.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:21 PM) : 

An old Italian proverb, which translates very bad in English says... If you want to have beauty... You must suffer a little bit :-) carlo


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