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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Introducing Taco Spencer

We finally chose.

Two weeks from now, one of the puppies will come home with us.  But we hadn't yet chosen between the two girl pups in the litter.  We had been waiting as long as possible before choosing, so we could get a better sense of any difference in temperament between the two girl pups.

Yesterday, the breeder -- Sara Egan at Waldecke Gundogs -- told us she had someone else interested in the girls.  So, now we had to choose.

Sara has been great.  We've been talking with her since late last year, and she had given us our pick of the girls.  But with someone else wanting a girl, we wanted to give Sara certainty.  We zoomed over, last night, before anyone else got their heart set.

There wasn't much in it, in the end.  Both girls are gorgeous.  Both sweet and curious: neither pushy nor timid.  But one just seemed more comfortable than the other, and Sarah advised us that pup was slightly closer in appearance to the pup's mom -- a dog Flame-Haired Angel loves.  So, that was that.

And here she is: Taco (posing with my other favourite red-head).

She's not yet entirely comfortable away from her litter-mates.

But her brothers don't seem the least bit fussed that she's getting all the attention.

Taco comes home in two weeks.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our first visit with the puppies.

We went to visit the girls, today.  Their brothers were there, of course.  One big pile of four-week-old Vizsla puppies.  But we were pretty focused on meeting the girls.  And figuring out which one would be coming with us three weeks from now.

We thought we'd meet, introduce ourselves, and, somehow, choose.

We met. We introduced ourselves. We held. We played. We fondled.  We became smitten.  They napped.

But we didn't choose.  Yet.

But here they are in the pink collars: the girls.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

One of these puppies

Either the second from the left, or the farthest right is ours.

Two weeks old.

Thursday, June 05, 2014


A few days ago, at 1 week old.

Now just a little more than 6 weeks until mayhem at Badger's Craic.