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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Disney workers fight for a living wage

Disney's got a long history of being a magical place for its customers and a nightmare for its staff. The videos in this BoingBoing post give the behind-the-scenes Disney "cast members" a chance to share their stories of their working conditions, and the stories are just sad. The vids are part of the PR campaign that Disney's workers' union is waging to try to get what they consider a fair deal.

I find this kind of thing to be an indictment of the way some corporate executive teams practice shareholder capitalism. It's not a system that has to screw workers to succeed, so why is it so often practiced that way?

Getting away with the lowest wage bill you can is economically rational, but it isn't moral, and in the long run it probably isn't good business. Watch these videos and see if it leaves you with a good feeling about Mickey Mouse and Toy Story. That's brand damage you're feeling.