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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Now, there's a voice you don't hear every day

A long while back, I bookmarked this article, after it came up in some google search about something or other. It looked like an interesting read, but too long to digest quickly, so I thought I'd come back to it.

Tonight, cleaning up my bookmarks, I happed upon it again and finally read it.

That is one interesting man.

A black Baptist preacher in Colorado writes about pictures of women in bathing suits and feminism and the role of women in the black church and... And, toward the end of his long, wandering jeremiad, throws in:

Please don't let Jerry Fallwell or Ralph Reed fool you: God wants you to have sex. God wants you to have glorious, mind-wrenching, sweaty, fall on the floor, neighbors banging on the wall, call-the-cops, bruised in the morning unforgettable sex. Ladies, God wants you to have mind-wrenching, pass-out from the ecstasy of it orgasms.
Got your attention?


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