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Friday, July 27, 2007

Home and dry

For those who are wondering if we've got soggy feet, I'm happy to report that the Environment Agency was wrong on every one of its predictions about Shiplake.

Our worst day was last Friday, when the water breached the driveway and ran up to our front step, but stayed inches shy of the threshold.

On Wednesday, the day before yesterday, a BBC news crew was doing live interviews from our pub, across the road, in anticipation of the impending Shiplake deluge. But the river was uncooperative, and stayed stable.

Today, the sun is competing with the clouds for sky space, and we look to be in for a weekend of slowly declining river height.

I just knocked on wood.

Through all this I've been a bit glib. There are, of course, hundreds of thousands of folks who have been badly flooded, many still without running water or workable power. So, we've gotten off waaaaay light.

Thanks very much for all the off-blog well-wishes and expressions of hope and concern. We're good.

(Title is semi-obscure Pet Shop Boys reference.)


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