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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Supreme Court says no to vibrators and at least one Kiss

Had a bit of fun, the other day, reading a short NY Times article on the list of cases the US Supreme Court has declined to hear in its upcoming session. The full list of declined cases was 86 pages long, but the Times piece helpfully summarized.

Two items stood out.

First, it appears that, in Texas, while handguns are legal, weapons of mass orgasm will remain against the law.

The court declined to hear a challenge brought by a worker at a pornographic bookstore in El Paso who was arrested for violating a state law against promoting sex toys shaped like sex organs. The employee called the law unconstitutional. Courts in three states have tossed out such laws, but Texas is one of three others where judges have upheld them.

Second, it just tickles me that the following item came so close to making it onto the Supreme Court's docket. For my personal history with the defendants, click here.

The former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent lost a royalties battle against other members of the rock group. The justices will not consider lower court rulings that dismissed a claim by the plaintiff, whose real name is Vincent Cusano, that he was owed money for his contributions to the band’s album “Lick It Up.”

Clearly, Scalia and the Black Robe 9 knew that Ace Frehley was the only KISS guitarist that ever mattered. I mean, come on: he was from space.


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