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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Habeas Corpus isn't a heavy metal band

I went on quite a bit, the other day, about Habeas Corpus, and why we should care that Bush Jr and the Republican-controlled congress have just stripped it from US law. The legislation they used to do it was called the Military Commissions Act.

I might have saved my breath and just pointed you in the direction of the following two articles, both of which make the point far more clearly than I did. If you doubt whether, under the new law, you can actually be imprisoned without cause and imprisoned without end -- with torture, besides -- these articles make the answer plain:

The Best for the Worst

Pushing Back on Detainee Act, authored by human rights lawyer Michael Ratner.

* * *

In my last post I expressed doubts about the wisdom of some of Keith Olbermann's recent comments. Below, as counterpoint, is a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek Olbermann report on the implications of the Military Commissions Act for the US Constitution.

Following that, have a look at the second clip: a YouTube video response to Olbermann's Habeas piece. If you think the average American isn't noticing what their country is becoming, this piece is reassuring. Let's just hope he's representative.


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