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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Beautiful, Geeky, Wonder

Normally, I don't like using the blog as a link dump. Tonight, however, I don't have the energy to write "from life", and I'm blessed with some lovely things to share.

Three things, to be exact. One transportingly beautiful, one bit of sport for the geeks, and a little jaw-dropping wonder.

Transportingly beautiful

If I have the good fortune to be the one to introduce you to dancing Matt, of wherethehellismatt.com, then I am happy to bring you a unique bit of sunshine. This is apparently already famous, but I have no qualms. It is a gift to be shared. I love that it was not designed to be a cathedral, but has just become one because it conveys such a rare, simple thing that all of us would like to share.

(Hat tip to MightyGirl)

A bit of sport for the geeks

I make no secret of being an unabashed ZeFrank fan. I link to him often. But it was news to me that he had addressed the TED conference. And it was brilliant news that the video of his presentation was available. And free.

Jaw-dropping wonder

Those of you who know Flame-Haired Angel know that she's an artist of rare passion and talent. Watching the video here, however, she whimpered. (After jumpting to the link, go to the link for the video and right-click, then save it to your hard drive to view it.)

(Hat tip to Aberrant News)

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