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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Breasts, swords and cross-dressing international youth

Last weekend I had the good fortune to be invited to Warsaw to address the 2006 AIESEC International Congress.

My first time in Warsaw was an absolute blast, including the speech, and the party following. The 600 attendees were so happy my speech was over, they threw a party that had me wandering around a university campus at four in the morning looking for a taxi. The party included my first taste of Indian whiskey -- I don't suggest letting curiosity get the better of you on that one -- and a bunch of cross-dressing Koreans, Ghanaians, and just about every other nationality. So, pretty much your standard former-soviet-block social event.

Hanging out with 600 21-year-olds makes you feel very young, and very old.

The random-seeming image on the right is the coat of arms of Warsaw. You can pretty much tell, just from the emblem, that it's a party town.

This link will take you to a pic from the event, and a letter I wrote to my gracious AIESEC hosts.


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Anonymous shakespeareuk said ... (12:31 AM) : 

I was in AIESEC. Never had anything as cool as meeting you , though. Feel robbed.


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