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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The geek that loves Dahlia and Anthony

Then there was the time I came thiiiiiis close to becoming a constitutional lawyer.

As an undergrad, inspired by celebrated constitutional historian Bill Leuchtenberg, I first caught the bug. In grad school, I wrote my graduate thesis on the distinctions between perceptual definitions of erotica and pornography, and the idiocy that ensues when we assume we all mean the same thing when we say the same words. Never had I felt more deeply the need to protect free expression.

LSATs passed, law school admissions done.

Then, I went to Australia to sail.

I never looked back, but there’s still a US constitutional law geek in me that I let out occasionally to run around the block.

It’s that geek that adores this piece by Dahlia Lithwick on Anthony Kennedy’s recent speech to the annual conference of the American Bar Association.

Go on. You know you’re desperate to click on that link.


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