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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The @ Generation

Care to feel old, today?

Your grey hair and spreading once-tautness not enough to remind you of the ever-lightening fade of your youth?

Have a read of this article, from Business Week online.

All at once, I both envy them and mourn that they're lives -- at least as I imagine them -- seem so free from those moments of sustained connection that define the sweetest flavours of my memory. When you have more than 4,000 friends, who do you really turn to in your joy and despair?

But, listen to me. My hair is grey. My tautness is un-taut. And I use semicolons.


Comments on "The @ Generation"


Anonymous tastes like fear.... said ... (7:36 AM) : 

Interesting, do you find though that at your age you are caught between the two? Do you find that you can relate to both? I can recognise my 12 yo son and also myself in this article, i think RS that we were the original generation of this new technology, even tho when we were at high school we used to record our computer progs on tape!But mentally we were there! Generation X!


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