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Patricia B McConnell: For The Love Of A Dog.

Pema Chodron: The Places That Scare You

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Monday, September 26, 2005

A More Perfect Theological Union

I was struck deeply by both of these articles. Both are rich with insight: both moving in their different ways. It only occurred to me later that both grew from the spring of the Union Theological Seminary in New York.

If you appreciate the considered view, rather than a dogmatic one, of how spirituality -- especially Christian spirituality -- intersects with daily life, treat yourself to reading these.

Bill Moyers' remarks upon receiving the Union Medal.
(I never knew -- and never would have imagined, reading his work with Joseph Campbell -- that Moyers was an ordained Baptist minister.)

Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner Arthur Schlesinger Jr's recent piece remembering Reinhold Niebuhr, suggesting the rest of us have forgotten too much.

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