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Monday, December 01, 2008

Speaking of addicted

Flame-Haired Angel and I have become X-Factor addicts over the last several weeks. (Non-UK readers: X-Factor is the equivalent of American Idol and the like.)

Given that we've both sung in front of live audiences -- FHA far, far, *far* more than me -- we have strong opinions about the singers and the justice (or not) of the results.

We were more or less content to watch the victims go until Saturday night, when a singer named Ruth Lorenzo got booted.

There are at least three other acts who can't carry Ruth's notes in a bucket, but they're all cuter. The show's up-front about being a popularity contest rather than a singing contest, but it still cut this addict up to watch Ruth go. Not only does she have a fantastic voice, it's a voice made for just the kind of shlock-rock power ballad that gets under my skin.

Ah, well. Vale Ruth.

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